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...the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
Ecclesiastes 9:11

After 40 plus years of working as an artist at print shops, ad agencies, and freelancing, I came to the conclusion that I am not necessarily the swiftest, nor the strongest when it comes to artwork (There is always someone better). However, time and chance, have given me ample opportunities to use my God given talent. For example: a portrait of Gwendolyn Brooks, Poet Laureate of Illinois; numerous caricatures; Wall Murals; Newspaper & Magazine ads/Brochures/Mailers; Logo Designs; Internet e-mail blasts; Internet Flash animation; Story Illustrations; and Clip art. If by chance, you are in need of any of my artistic capabilities, please contact me.
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Rounding the bend Rounding the bend

"Rounding the Bend"
Original oil on canvas. 48in. x 36in.
$5,500 plus shipping and handling.

Limited edition print. 30in. x 24in.
$45 plus shipping and handling.

Pet dog Pet dog

Example of a Pet Portrait
done in Acrylic.

Oil Pet Portraits start at $250
Acrylic Pet portraits start at $199
Watercolor Pet Portraits start at $150
Pencil Pet Portraits start at $50.

Frame is extra. The view more pet portrait examples, CLICK HERE.

Caricature Caricature

Caricature 11in. x 14in.
Watercolor with color pencil. Requests welcome. Pricing starts at $275. Frame is extra. To viewe more caricature examples, CLICK HERE.

Gwendolyn Brooks Gwendolyn Brooks

Portrait of Gwedolyn Brooks
Poet Laureate of Illinois
1968 - 2000
On display at Brooks Middle School
in Oak Park, IL.

18in. x 24in. Oil on Canvas.

Oil Portraits starting at $275.
Acrylic Portraits starting at $225
Watercolor Portraits starting at $175
Penicl Portraits starting at $50
Frame is extra.To view more portrait examples, CLICK HERE.

Guardian Angel logo Guardian Angel logo

Guardian Angel Logo Design In collaboration with the Gammon Group Free estimates for logo designs upon request. To view additional logo examples, Click Here.

Ballet Ballet

Stylized Art for
either fine art or
advertising art
Free estimate.

Bride and Groom Bride and Groom

Personalized Wedding Poster reflecting a common interest of the newly weds. A wide matt area allows for guests to write their well-wishes to the newly weds.

Required: Photos of the bride and groom, photos of the groom's tuxedo, photos of the bridal gown, photos of the bride's hairstyle to be worn on the wedding day, and photos of any other accessories.

Additional information required: That special common interest the Bride and Groom share.

Picture size: 11in. x 14in.
Matt size: 20in x 24in.
Prices starting at $400. To view more example of Wedding posters and Honeymoon painting ideas, CLICK HERE.

Billboard Billboard

This is an example of advertising art for a Billboard. Other advertising options I can help with are: Newspaper or magazine ads, Billboard Art, Logo Designs, Illustrations for advertising purposes, e-mail-blasts, animated web banners Free estimate. To view additional examples of advertising art, click here.

Dragons Dragons

Portion of a 7 ft. tall
by 3 ft. wide dragon
which was part of a
mural approximately
40ft. wide by 7ft. high.
Free estimate.

The Gossip Peas The Gossip Peas

This is an example of
Story Illustration.

Please contact me for a
Free estimate to illustrate
a story, whether it's a series
of illustrations or a
single illustration.