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All in the family

I've always had a love for art. My first memory of watching someone actually draw a real picture on paper was my dad drawing a picture of our front door for my sister. He used a ruler for all the lines: vertical lines, horizontal lines, even diagonal lines! I was fascinated! The process my dad went through was pure genius in my eyes. With the popularity of YouTube and the thousands of videos one can watch confirms that I'm not the only person who finds watching someone caught in the act of drawing entertaining.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a demonstration of Grandpa Gonda's unique Three Step Drawing technique: "How to Draw Like Grandpa Gonda". Or, a hands-on drawing workshop: "Real Cowboys Draw Fast" is also available where students not only get the Grandpa Gonda Three Step Drawing technique Demonstration, but also get to learn and try out Grandpa Gonda's tried-and-true, back-to-his basics practice excercises. (He swears by them!)